March 29, 2013

Spring, Sprung

 I just wanted to say hello this Friday. We are in the thick of spring break, and in the thick of spring.

I'm grateful for both: the spring, and the break.  From what I gather reading some favorite blogs, spring is really dragging its heels in many parts of the country. It's cold, it's damp, and there is excitement when the thermometer climbs to 50.


Spring, or California spring, is here. I can tell by my filthy, filthy car that receives a daily dusting of chartreuse pollen. Mix that in with the early morning dew, and ugh. Time to wash the car.

I can tell by all the sneezing and red eyes here in the house. These lovely trees, pictured above, are all over our neighborhood, and there's a ton at the school. They have a not-quite-pleasant scent and shed their tiny blooms like snow in the slightest breeze. Anyway, their blooming seemed to have triggered allergies in both my kids, in varying degrees. Plus, the pollen dusting.

We've been lazy in the mornings, busy in our afternoons. I've not been able to get any writing done, or even edit the photos from last weekend's hike, as promised. Ah well.
I took this phone shot last week at Lily's soccer practice. It was around 6:30 in the evening, and I was so cold. It felt even colder after it got dark. I had my parka, a lap blanket, and shivered so much in the steady breeze that when we got home, I worried that maybe I had a fever.

It was something like 58, 59 degrees. Context, people. I only know what I've ever known. And I know that tonight, I'm sitting in the car (like the other moms) instead of sucking it up for 90 minutes in the freezing cold.

Hope this Friday finds you warm. Whatever that feels like to you. :)


  1. It's finally getting into the 60's here, thank goodness. I'm so ready for spring to arrive and stay. Especially now that I signed up for a 5k on May 5th and need to get my butt outside for daily runs.

    So, at what temperature exactly, are you able to endure watching soccer practice outside? ;)

  2. Hi Jenn, and ha! I don't know...maybe mid-60s, and no wind? It was the stiff breeze that really got to me. I sat there and thought, "I was never as cold up at Wild Mountain as I feel right now."

    Good luck with your running.

  3. I'm hoping for the exact opposite here in Australia, I can't wait for winter. It feels like summer has been dragging on forever this year, and it's been a particularly brutal one for us. You're more than welcome to borrow some of our warm weather and keep it for a while!


Thanks for commenting! :)

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