About Me

Hello, again.  So here's the deal:
My name is Kelly, and my husband can always pick me out of a crowd because of my big, curly hair. Sometimes I daydream of a solitary life in a garret room, surrounded by faded floral wallpaper, stacks of old books, and creaky wooden floors. In reality, I live in a builder-grade tract house in suburban Southern California, surrounded by my wonderful husband and two wildly enthusiastic children, a boy and girl.  The blog serves as my virtual room-of-one's-own, where I escape to dwell on my interests and inspirations.  Here are the things that most inspire me:

Writing -- (I have an MFA in Creative Writing)
Reading & books
Road trips & travel
Nesting & decorating
Vintage & thrift shopping
Loud Music: old, new, cheesy, edgy, glam, sappy, twangy, head-bangin' --  I love it all. 
The landscape and beauty of my native California 

LIFE:   Love, family, kids. Dreams, music, literature.  Design, d├ęcor, memories. Travel. Books, and decorating with books.  Welcome to the Reading Nest.  

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