March 25, 2013

Hello, Monday {Spring Fling}

Hola!  It's the last Monday of March.  Wha...? I can't even. 

After all the big writing talk and ambition of last week, I begin this week with the kids on Spring Break for the next 2 weeks. Okay. Maybe I can squeeze in some writing, or at least some transcribing into my laptop.  Maybe I should regard these 2 weeks as a dress rehearsal for summer vacation, and figure out a writing routine amongst the Monkey Chaos.

Hello, Spring Fling.  That's the name of the annual egg hunt/family party that my neighborhood HOA throws. It's literally just a few hundred yards from my house, down the greenbelt path. What with the DJ spinning tunes and the excited kid-shouting coming in through our windows, it's not an option to not attend.
Even if my kids, or at least Lily, are getting a little big for the whole deal. I had to warn her not to jump on any toddler or little-kid heads in the bounce house. 
Tucker is still excited to participate in the egg-hunt. (Even if our HOA cheaps out on buying good candy.)
And here is Lily, with her pal in the middle. I think he was doing the robot dance. (It's good to have friends as goofy as you.) I look at this scene, and again, the  threat of middle school looms. Another good reminder to soak up the present. After Spring Break, the kids  only have about 8 or 9 weeks of school before summer vacation. And then...!
 Hello, chickens. The chickens in the tiny petting area were a big hit with my kids. Especially Lily and this black dwarf chicken:
 It was some kind of mutual love thing. She rocked the chicken to sleep on her lap while the DJ played "Don't Worry, Be Happy." It cracked me up. And then later that night, I stumbled on a blog post about how chickens make excellent pets. Ha! No, no chickens for us.
Did you participate in Earth Hour on Saturday night? We did, after Lily drew this picture and got very committed to the idea. So at 8:30, we shut off all the electronics and sat there by candlelight for an hour. After the initial excitement wore off (candles! dark!), Lily tried to get us to play charades. The Husband and I were not thrilled, but after watching the kids for a bit, we got in the spirit. And it was fun!  Go figure.

Hello, my beloved Monkeys who've interrupted me 22 times while writing this post.  I lie. It's probably only been about 18 times.  Hello, 2 weeks with no big plans. Some Disneyland. Some parks. Some soccer practice  and family and cleaning the house. Hello to Easter baskets (with the good stuff) and Easter ham and devilled eggs. Oh, and writing, too.

Hello, staycation. I hate that word, but unlike last year, when we visited San Francisco, we're keeping close to home for Spring Break.  But come back later this week and I'll show you the terrific hike we went on yesterday. Outdoors. Nature. No kid electronics or gadgets.  And it was fun! 

Go figure.

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  1. my kid goes to a year round school, so he gets three weeks off every three months...I'm not all that fond of it.

    In other news, I bought my ticket to the Craft Cabinet (watercolors! crafting!), and I hope this news makes you buy yours toot sweet :-)

    1. Oh, I wouldn't be fond of that schedule at all. Then again, it could have its benefits. And yep, I'll be crafting with you! Glad you're going.


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