April 9, 2013

New Mornings

Hola, peeps.  This isn't even a real post, just a fly-by.  The kids went back to school yesterday, finally, after their 2-week spring break. I commemorated this event by switching up my morning schedule -- instead of plopping my bum here at my desk chair and communing with my interwebs, I'm now plopping my bum at the kitchen table and trying to write.

I've been revving up my writing brain, post kid-morning-chaos, by first reading a couple essays in the new anthology Why We Write, by Meredith Maran.  It's good.
Actually, I'm not trying to write. That's too self-effacing. I am writing.  Writing is being done. It's all first-draft stuff, long-hand, and will undergo much revision and cringing when I type it into my laptop. I ran out of my preferred yellow legal pads, but I didn't get bound up with silly writer-superstitious stuff and let that stop me.  (But I do need to go buy more legal pads --- as a lefty, it's a drag trying to write with a spiral notebook.)

I have a lot of topics I want to share on the blog -- spring break fun, like our hike and our trip to Disneyland/California Adventure.  And other things: what I've been reading, and that stack of old, favorite memoirs & non-fiction that I pulled out of my garage, and even some parenting struggles as Tucker has entered another new and challenging phase of crazy kid hoarding (except now it seems he's trying to hoard time itself).

But since I'm not 8 years old and realize that one cannot, in fact, save time in a bottle, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to tackle it all right now.  In my new post-writing retreat mode, I realize that the writing has to come first. Not that the blog isn't "writing," but it's not the kind I need, or want to focus on.
I'm certainly not going anywhere -- I just need a little space to work out my new routines and fit it all in -- the writing, the blogging, the laundry, the spring-cleaning of crammed closets, and the trips to Target -- for cereal and dinner ideas and new yellow legal pads.

In the meantime, I joined the 21st century and finally created an account on Instagram. You can follow me @ ReadingNest1  (Because plain old ReadingNest was taken, what?)  And I guess if I'm going to be sharing my pics, I should probably try to clean my camera lens, too. That is not the new fancy "Vaseline" filter on the photos here. 

Back soon.


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    1. Thanks, Lisa. My other routine was/is so entrenched, that it's still a struggle to sit down & open that notebook!


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