January 14, 2013

Hello, Mondays {New Routines}

So for something new this year, I'm going to try doing a "Hello Monday" post each week. I'm inspired by the Hello Monday posts over on Lisa Leonard's blog.  Lisa is so creative and loves bright colors and vintage stuff even more than I do, if that's possible.  She's another California girl like myself, but lives in an enviable locale up on the Central Coast. Also like me, she has great big curly hair, and since my own hair is still growing out (and is still wider than it is long), she inspires me to rock the big hair that nature gave me.  Her Monday posts always feel like a cheerful way to kick off a new week, so here goes mine....

Hello Disney
Santa Husband came through with annual passes for our family again this year. We took a break last year and missed it. Yes, I knew my kids were spoiled for whining that they missed Disneyland when it hadn't even been a year since their last visit.  But I whined, too.  We try not to geek out on it too much, but we do love Disney. They just do it right, and pay attention to every detail. I loved checking out Cars Land at California Adventure for the first time. (And no, those blue blue skies weren't photo-shopped.)

Hello Baby Jesus 
Actually, it's good-bye to the baby Jesus. I have 98% of our Christmas decorations put away, but I just haven't gotten around to the nativity scene at the top of our stairs.  And we aren't really religious, so I can't claim that we're celebrating epiphany.  This week it will get put away, along with a few random decor bits kicking around the house. My house feels and looks its best in the summer/hot fall, so I feel my decor is kinda stuck in the winter doldrums right now.

Hello Tahoe
I've been getting all OCD about our summer vacation, as usual, and doing research on Lake Tahoe.  I've made a recent hobby out of searching online vacation rental sites for the perfect sized cabin, in the right location, with a decent yard, for the right price. Oh, and with a sleeping loft for the kids, if possible. There are roughly a bazillion cabins for rent in Tahoe; I think I've viewed half.  (What is funny is that I probably won't even reserve for a couple more months.)

And, Hello New Routines
I posted for New Years that my 2 big resolutions were to start walking/be more active, and to work on my writing.  Last week the kids went back to school, and I did zilch, zero, nada, of either those things. It was a weird week: the kids went back on Tuesday, not Monday, the husband was out of town for 2 days, and I just felt out of sorts, trying to find my footing in the new year.  Trying to feel like, okay! Let's do this! 
So, Hello Monday. Hello January, now that you're almost 1/2 over. Hello 2013. Let's do this. Like, for reals this time.

Linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Mondays.


  1. It's great you're pushing yourself to write...sounds like you have some great goals for 2013! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. Only 2 goals, but they both require routine & discipline. Hoping to do better this week...

  2. Hi Kelly - stopping by from Lisa Leonard's hello Monday! I too am trying to set a better routine in 2013! good luck.


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