January 21, 2013

Hello, Monday {Palm Springs}

 This weekend, the husband and I escaped for an overnighter to Palm Springs -- our favorite romantic getaway.

Our escape was pretty spontaneous -- earlier in the week, we learned that the husband's good friend from childhood would be celebrating his birthday with a little get-together at a restaurant/bar in downtown P.S.

One call to my mom and 3 1/2 hours of extra driving in Friday traffic to deliver the kids to her door, and my husband and his old buddy saw each other for the first time in over a decade. So, thumbs up (this week at least) to the power of Facebook.

The buddy and my husband's birthdays are only a week apart, and they're both entering a whole new decade. My husband is older than me, and you know I'm over forty, so you do the math.
Yeah. Kinda scary, right?

Not to get all sappy, but there was something moving about watching these men, who were friends since about 3rd grade, embracing and reminiscing and sharing the husband's reading glasses.

I could bend your ear for a good while, complaining about aging, being called "ma'am" in every clothing store, finding new horrors in the mirror each month...

Still.  It's a damn sight better than the alternative. 
And not to get all obnoxious about living in Southern California, but oh my gah the weather has been gorgeous. Gawgeous.  This time last week, our morning low temps were below freezing.  Screw that business.
Hello blues skies and bougainvillea and grapefruits hanging in the trees.
 Hello, vacation life.  That's my term for stepping out of the calendar of routine and into those precious days of soaking up the good stuff.  I live for vacation life, it's true.
Hello again Palm Springs, where even the 7-Eleven is modern and groovy.  Remind us again why we don't just live here full time? 

Hello to throwing a stable routine out the window for yet another week: the kids are home today on the holiday, the husband is taking two days off this week, and on Friday, we're escaping again to celebrate his official birthday. Vegas, baby. 

Hello to my lucky and beautiful life.

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  1. Nice pictures...looks like a beautiful place!

  2. Great photos. Quite the contrast to my very snowy ones - I am very jealous of your lovely warm temps and blue sky! Have fun in Vegas. :)

    1. Thanks Becs...although sometimes you need to miss the warmth & sun to appreciate it better. Probably? ;)

  3. I have been reading your blog for few months, while in a quest for some SoCal blogs, I found yours. I am in SoCal too(near Temecula). Yes Palm Springs is lovely and I also don't know why we don't stay there.

    1. Thank you Sumana, and thanks for saying hi. It sounds like we live in the very same area (I'm in Temecula). I am feeling grumpy tonight, wanting to be back in Palm Springs! Very spoiled, when so much of the country is in deep-freeze as I write.


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