December 24, 2012

Once Again, As in Olden Days

Late morning on Christmas Eve, and here I am writing a blog post! I still have baking to do and even a few random bits to wrap (hangs head in shame).  In my defense, I was struck by a weird and random stomach bug on Thursday that lasted through Saturday. I wasn't that sick, but felt super drained, chilly and what Julia Child politely calls "bilious."  You know, that feeling after consuming a huge plate of butter-based white sauce and half a bottle of wine and top it off with creme brulee? Yeah. For four days, I was just...ick. 

So, obviously it sucks for a mom to get laid low a few days before the Big Day, but I've rallied and am ready to celebrate. I confess to also feeling a little out of sorts by the fact that this is the first Christmas Eve in my entire life that won't be spent with family.  There were two years when we were in Portland with my husband's family, and every single year besides those were spent at my grandparent's (through my first 3 decades) and more recently, at my mom's, with extended family.

This year, we're switching it up, and saving ourselves from the over 150-mile round trip that we've made for the last eight Christmas Eve's.  We'll still see my family tomorrow, but it's different.  On the other hand, tonight I'm looking forward to a nice dinner out at one of the local wineries, and putting myself to bed before 2 a.m.

Some things won't change: getting sticky and sugar-dazed while making Mexican Wedding Cakes, watching Meet Me in St. Louis, and getting all choked up when Judy/Esther sings "through the years, we all will be together, if the fates allow..." next to a sniffling Margaret O'Brien/Tootie.
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Here's to traditions both old and new. (While I look forward to Judy Garland today, the husband and daughter are stoked about the new Dr. Who tomorrow.)  So whichever kind you have, have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

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