September 30, 2012

31 Trips In California: Convict & Mono Lakes

Welcome to 31 Days of Trips in my native state of California.  Throughout October, I'll be joining up with The Nester's 31 Day series, showcasing some of my favorite destinations and road trips my family has visited in recent years.

I love any kind of travel, but especially a good road trip. I'm never so happy as when we're pulling out of our driveway, our car full of suitcases and road snacks, bound on another adventure. Whether or not you live in California, I hope my road trip memories will inspire you with dreams of new places to explore, or even just remind you of your own good times from past vacations.

So grab some of your favorite road snacks (me, I love Dr. Pepper and Cheetos), and join me on my journeys throughout the Golden State. Please follow along each day by "Liking" my Facebook page.
Coming up first on Monday: a trip to the Mammoth area and two beautiful but very different lakes: Convict Lake and Mono Lake.

Below are the links to all 31 trips, beginning with Day 1, on October 1st.  

Day 1: Convict Lake & Mono Lake
Day 2: The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens
Day 3: Lily Goes To Hollywood  
Day 4: The Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Day 5: Big Sur  
Day 6: The Salton Sea 
Day 7: Legoland


  1. How fun! I live in Iowa but have family in California, so we get there every few years. This could be a nice resource for us!

    1. Thanks, Cori! Hopefully you'll discover some new spots to visit.


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