September 28, 2012

31 Days of California: Come Along With Me

Beginning next Monday, October 1st, things will look a little bit different around here. I'm going to be joining up with an epic blog link-up hosted by The Nester.  I don't know how many visitors will be hopping on over here from the link party -- I think there's something like A THOUSAND other blogs linking up with her -- and my link will be just one little button out of many, many other buttons that her readers can click on.

The purpose of the 31 Days link-up is to challenge yourself to write for 31 days (that's um, like every day of the month) about one particular subject. And since I need a challenge, and a kick in the pants, and to just finish something, I'm a-gonna do it.  But what to write about ALL MONTH LONG, that I, and especially my five devoted readers, would find compelling enough?

First, I was going to write about books, since this is The Reading Nest, and reading and books are so dear to my heart.  Each day, I was going to share one of the 31 (mostly obscure) books that I love.  Upon further mulling, though, I decided my 31 obscure titles would just be a little too...specific and niche-y for this project.  Also, my Reading posts always take the longest to write, and if I'm going to do this thing for 31 days, I need to get-in-and-get-out with creating my content.

SO. What else do I love passionately? What else am I a total, obnoxious know-it-all about?  Of course: California and road trips, and travelling with my family.  Specifically, I'm going to feature 31 places I love in the great Golden State. Most places will be new here to the blog, but some might be familiar. (Spoiler: one is going to be Disneyland, and y'all know how we love the Magic Kingdom in this house.) But if nothing else, the photos and information I share will be new.   

I hope you'll join me!  And now, here are some old photographs (actually, scans of slides) of me with my mom & dad, on one of our many roadtrips within California.   Camping and road-tripping up and down the state are some of my fondest and earliest memories, and are certainly the reason that I still love to throw myself into the car and head off to Anyplace But Here.

Somewhere in Northern California, circa 1974-ish.  Now excuse me, because I'm all awash in old memories and can just about hear that old John Denver 8-track playing in my ears.

Come back on Monday for Day 1 of my 31-Day Series: a beautiful place the husband and I visited before we had kids, and haven't been back to, since. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lisa! We don't have any getaways planned in the near future, so I'm looking forward to revisiting some of our favorite places.

  2. Wow, great idea! Funny, I'm doing another October blog event, Blogtoberfest. 31 days of California is right up my alley--I can never get enough of my beautiful home state. xo

    1. Ha, I love the name "Blogtoberfest." Sounds like there'll be beer? ;) Hope you come along for some of my travels.


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