August 15, 2012

The New Year

So I had plans to do a book post today about some recent reads, but who am I kidding? Because what's really going on, the big deal of the day, is the first day of school. I have a second grader and a fifth grader.   If the blog has been a lot more kid-centric than usual lately, that's because it's been summer, and well, duh. 

I don't think I'm alone in feeling that the first day of school is really the first day of the new year.  Well, at least if you have school-age children. Or teach. (Or both.)

Summer break blew by pretty quickly, but that said...yeah, I'm totally ready for these little people to be back in school. They do better with routine, and so do I.  The lazing around until noon in our PJs has lost its novelty.  The yelling for them to stop running/shrieking/touching each other has really lost its novelty. (Actually, they play very well together despite the gender and nearly 3 year difference.)
And as for moi?  Well, I hope to buckle down and do a lot more writing, pen-to-paper style. Since January, I've devoted a lot of time and focus here to the blog and online in general, the result of which is that my "real" writing has taken a serious blow.  My goal has never been to grow into a big, popular blog, but merely to be present and share my rambles, of both the brain and the travel variety.  Oh, and maybe find some like-minded souls and meet a few new friends along the way.

To that end, I'm looking forward to meeting Jules and Andrea and some other SoCal bloggers this Friday evening in Long Beach, for a small crafting event. Since I suck at crafting, it's a good thing that the event is focused much more on meeting others than it is about busting out my mad glue-gun skills. At least I hope it is.  
Lily, a little pensive in front of her new fifth grade classroom. Her two best friends aren't at the school this year, so she's a little worried.  Unlike me though, she's socially fearless and makes friends easily.  (Actually, she makes acquaintances easily, and like me, has only a few close friends.) Still, I know how she feels. I'm a tad nervous myself about the event this Friday.  Knowing that it's small doesn't actually ease my mind.  (Nowhere to hide.)
 But like I tell her: it's going to be fine. Smile, be yourself, and remember, that in just a few hours, this will all be over and you'll be home and back where you can let your freak flag fly proudly.  Something we do a little too well around our house, actually.  

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