August 13, 2012

Night Swimming

None of us were too impressed by the tiny rectangle that passed as the main pool aboard our recent cruise.  I think my kids visited it once, for maybe an hour.

But we're a little spoiled by pools, because we have a great big one just a quick stroll away. (Only in these hottest days of summer do I wish for one in our own backyard. Now that would make us truly spoiled.) Our association has three pools: the big main one up above,  a good-sized "quiet" pool for those who want to escape the shrieks and splashes of kids, and a little square pool, barely 18 inches deep, for the toddler set.

Granted, if I didn't have kids, I'd probably rarely get suited up and go down to the pool. But since I do, we walk there once or twice a week all summer.  (And it really is close by: on the most crowded afternoons, I can hear the low din of kids and the whistle of the security guard from my house.)

 A summer highlight for the kids the last couple of years has been when we visit the pool in the early evening, and my husband shows up awhile later with a take-out pizza and sodas for all.  They love this. They love the pool at dusk, they love the novelty of dinner poolside, and most of all, they love having their daddy in the water with them.
When we did our evening swim this past Friday, it was at the end of such a long and brutally hot day, the ever-chilly pool water was actually warm for once.
School starts up again this Wednesday. I just got a call yesterday, informing me that Lily's first fall soccer practice is Tuesday evening.  And we go.  Off to the races of another school year.
Like I've said before, our weather is only just now hitting its heat stride.  September and October are typically the hottest months of the year in SoCal.  I know we'll have plenty more visits to the pool before what passes for "fall" truly hits.  Evening swims? I don't know. 

But at least we got this one in.  It was up near the top of the kids' "Must Do" lists for the summer.  For the record, I think we did pretty damn good.

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