June 27, 2012

Palm Springs: Girl's Getaway

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I said that my Palm Springs recap would go up on Monday.  Ha.  Good intentions, but there's this thing around here called Summer Break.  And I've found it nigh impossible, or at least extremely irritating, to try to blog during the day with the kids home. And then they're awake for like 14 hours, going to bed around 9, and asleep even later, and that leaves me tired and wanting to lounge around, not pop on the computer and share my scintillating wit.

But enough complaining.  Here's the photo-heavy recap of my 24 hours in Palm Springs with my little sister. We packed a lot in and played tourist, big time.  Kathy hadn't ever done a desert vacation before, so she didn't know what to expect.  And I usually go out  to the desert with my husband (sometimes with kids along)  and the vibe of our P.S. romantic getaways is a lot different. (It usually involves cruising cool neighborhoods and Open Houses for sale, and getting my panties in a twist about when/where/if we should move to the desert.) 

So off we go.  We left Saturday in the early afternoon, and arrived at the station for the Aeriel Tram ride up the mountain.
Here it comes!

The tram climbs 6,000 feet in about 10 minutes.  The elevation at the top is over 8,000 ft.
I needed to chill and relax my white knuckles. (I told ya there'd be beer & Doritos.)
Breathing in the fresh air & the sun-warmed pines
After the Aerial Tramway, we drove into town and checked into our hotel. Which was just as "eh" as I remember it: fair rooms, great location. I'd probably be more enthused if our Premium Pool View wasn't almost entirely blocked by a fat pine tree. Then this went on:
My big curly hair and a big hat

My sister's lucky foot (it's a 4-leaf clover tattoo.)
And then we went back to the room and got dressed for dinner out.  We hit my favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Casuelas (not superior food, but great patio atmosphere and people-watching). 
And good margaritas.  This was my first of two. Well, unless you count the half-bottle of Skinny Girl margarita drink that I had out by the pool.  (I don't.)

Then the night went on to include some Marilyn:
And some Sonny Bono:
I like this photo because my arms look kinda thin. And they are oh so kinda NOT.
And then we were drawn into a bar by some karaoke action on the patio. Inside was a gaggle of young women in pretty dresses, one of whom wore a pink sash and crown. We assumed it was her bachelorette party. She was young, young, young, and blonde and beautiful. (So were her friends.)  Think innocent and Taylor Swift.  I sat in the back nursing a beer and feeling old, old, old.  Was I ever 22? 
I said to myself, "give 'em five years, and they'll be blogging about chic cotton diapers and organic, homemade baby food."  Oh, so cynical.  Maybe it just all the booze. (Or not.)  Around midnight, we packed in our wild night on the town and sat out on our balcony in the hot night, talking and talking for nearly two hours. 

Since it was just an overnighter, we had to check out the next morning and hit the road.  But first we fueled up with some major grub at Pinocchio's, my fave breakfast joint. Bottomless champagne in a bucket for $4 on Sundays!  But sadly none for me, the driver.   
Colorful umbrellas, colorful scene

Only O.J. for me. :-(
Spicy Bloody Mary & the ring I gave her for Mother's Day. I think I want it back. 
Favorite moment: Loud salsa music came blasting from the speakers, and a waiter did an impromptu dance with a customer.  They even took it out to the sidewalk. 
Good times.
After breakfast, we walked it off a little in the heat and did some window shopping. Kathy said she felt sleepy and lazy, and I explained that this is why you really need 2 full days in Palm Springs: another day to lay out, in sun or shade, and chill a little while longer.  (If this was a husband trip, now is the time of day when we'd go hunt down some cool thrift stores and/or ogle the modern houses in town.)

But it was almost time to head out.  But first: just for Kathy, the Elvis fan, a quick drive up the hill to see the Elvis Honeymoon House.
The Love Nest

The gates have treble clef symbols

Cool double door entry
You can take tours for something like $25 a person, but you have to book in advance and let them know you're coming.  (You can also book the whole place for a party.)

All right! Back on the road.  But first another stop -- my sister asked that we make a visit to see the iconic big dinousaurs off the freeway in Cabazon.

And so we did. Such tourists!  But it was fun. I hadn't been up the aerial tram, or stopped to visit the dinosuars, in ages and ages.  And both are things that I've never done with the kids.

Spring break 2013, here we come!  And speaking of my wild monkeys, you can read about my previous trips to Palm Springs with Kids here on this post.

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