June 22, 2012

Big Summer Plans

Friday, first of the summer, and with this weekend, I'm  kicking off a series of trips.

On Saturday, I'm heading off to a quickie girls-trip to Palm Springs with my sister. (There are only the two of us, and I'm nine years older. Luckily, we're still pretty close.)

We're staying at the same hotel I featured in this post about taking kids to Palm Springs.  Not my first choice for an adult getaway, but it's location is primo, and within walking distance to everything -- which means I won't have to play designated driver, which would be a bummer. And since this overnighter is all about "chillaxin," no bummers are allowed.

Then next month, the whole family is off for a Carnival cruise down to the Mexican Riviera, which means Cabo for two nights, and Puerto Vallarta for one night.  I've been anticipating this trip for months and months, and now that its getting so close, I'm feeling more stressed than excited. The husband and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary, which is the reason we're doin' it up all fancy with a big cruise -- usually, we go on a road trip for our summer vacation. (Last year we visited Grand Canyon/Sedona/Scottsdale, the year before that we visited my in-laws in Oregon.)

Speaking of the in-laws, we'll get to spend a week with them in late August, when we go on yet another trip -- this one up to Morro Bay on the central coast. Our families are renting a couple of houses on the same lot, to celebrate their 50th anniversary. 15 years of marriage, versus 50.  I can't imagine! But then, my in-laws got a much earlier start than we did.   Morro Bay is so scenic and pretty, and I'm looking forward to that week, too.  The lovely Lisa Leonard is lucky enough to live close to that area, and she featured Morro Bay in her post today

So that's the Big Picture for us this summer.   

Up above are some pictures of the agapanthus plants in my backyard.  Every year at this time, they pop and bloom like delicate lavender fireworks.  Agapanthus plants (agapanthi?) are everywhere in Southern California -- almost as common as Bird of Paradise plants, and sturdy iceplant alongside the freeways. 

And below is my big purchase of the week, Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook.
In my ideal world, I'll have all the ingredients and fabulous cute bar supplies to mix up my own cocktails in Palm Springs and swig them down poolside. (Looking fabulous myself, of course.)

In reality, my sis and I will probably stop at the Rite Aid and pick up some beer, margarita coolers  and Doritos.  And I'll be trying for fabulous in my new Target swimsuit.  Ah well. At least the sunshine and blue skies are guaranteed to be part of my reality.  See you back here on Monday with a post-trip recap.

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