March 2, 2012

Yay (cough), it's Friday!

On this sunny Friday, I had plans for a way overdue pedicure.  (I usually do my own sloppy, near-sighted versions, but I was going to treat myself.)  The pedicure was part of a bigger plan for finally busting out these for the first time:

These are the "Tennie" sandals by Target.  I snatched them up in early February and they haven't yet made it out of the box.  This is the pewter version; they also come in black.  But these have iridescent rhinestones, while the black are way less blingy.   Anyway, they looked like a lot of fun for $20,

And this was all going to be a little "yay, it's Friday" moment, anticipating the warm weekend.  It's supposed to be up in the '80s here again.  I was trapped in the house for the first half of the week, with my little guy who was fighting off a bad cough/fever bug.

Except all my plans are out the window for today...because, you guessed it, I caught his bug.  And I had been doing so good, dodging cold germs and stomach viruses like an undercover agent for all of the entire autumn and winter...but, I too have been felled.

Darn.  Well, so far I don't feel too horrible, and my fever is staying low.  So maybe I can salvage some fun for the weekend.  Or not.

Hope the weather is promising spring where you live...and if you're near one of the scary tornado zones, stay safe.  Nothing like me complaining about being stuck in the house, when so many are losing the very roofs above their heads.

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