March 6, 2012

Words I Live By

So, that cold/flu virus was pretty nasty after all, and had me feeling down & out all weekend.  I didn't leave the house from Thursday night until Monday morning. Blegh.  Trapped in my bed for hours and hours, I spent a lot of time staring at the walls, reminding me that my bedroom is still mostly devoid of art.  I really need to remedy that situation.  Here, though, is one wall in my house with some art. I call it the Family Motto Wall.  They're all a reflection of me and my taste, but I hope they inspire all of my family members...especially the small ones, which is why they're hung low enough on the wall for them to read.  For reference, they are on the angled wall behind the now clutter-free area outside my bedroom:

Motto #1:
From The Wheatfield.  (It was hard to choose between this one and her "Golden State" print. Which I may still put elsewhere in my house someday.)

Motto #2:
Print from The Black Apple, and the quote is from an old, favorite song by The Smiths & Morrissey...that urbane Oscar Wilde of the '80s.  (I used to adore the Smiths in high school, but find it hard to listen to more than one song at a time anymore...too many high school memories of black tights and social anxiety.)  But it's still a darn good quote.  I just wish my little guy would agree with it a little more. 

And, Motto #3:
The Webb Wilder Credo, from Yee-Haw Industries.  (I cut off the photo of Webb Wilder himself. I didn't want a stern man in glasses and a cowboy hat staring at me every time I came upstairs).  I love this one. 

Well, I love them all.  They pretty much sum our family up, but the wall still needs some robots or techie/geek art to fully represent my clan.  I draw the line at anything written in Klingon. 

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