October 28, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo!

Mumbo Jumbo is a wonderful picture book that's part of my Halloween decor this year.  (We're hosting our first-ever kids Halloween party on Saturday, so I went a little more detailed with the decorating. A little, but it's not like I need much excuse.)

I picked up Mumbo Jumbo on clearance, a couple years back at a groovy store called The Alley. As far as I know, there are 2 Alley's in existence: one in Palm Springs, and one tucked in between a K-Mart and our discount theater here in Temecula. The Alley sells lots of outdoor and indoor ceramics, vases, pillows, rustic furniture...and cheap birthday cards, joke gadgets, and Pillow Pet knock-offs. Sort of like a funkier, less organized Home Goods.  

For $5, I couldn't resist the great graphic illustrations inside Michael Roberts' collection, subtitled "The Creepy ABC."  (Roberts is a talented artist who has created covers for The New Yorker.)
G is for ghosts.

N is for Nightmares.

M is for Mummy.
And of course, Z is for Zombies.  I also love the witty little poems that accompany each letter, making the book less creepy for kids.  Not that I bought the book for the kids, anyway.

This is how I have it displayed, on the living room table:
Open to the spread for C is for Cobwebs.  (Not candelabra.)

Close-up of rats checking out my silver tea service.  It needs polishing, I know.  I think the tarnish is just going to have to be part of the scene.  I still have cupcakes to decorate, and a "mad science lab" with creepy body parts for the party guests to touch and squeal over to assemble.  For example, we're using beef jerky bits for "scabs."  Creepy and gross: The kids will love it.   Happy Pre-Halloween weekend to you!

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