October 24, 2011

Hello, Halloween

 Another hello from my house to yours.  As mentioned earlier, I tore down my "fall" shelf display, and decorated for Halloween.  Or in the case of the above picture, added a couple of pieces to spook things up.

One of the benefits of being married for almost fifteen years is that I've had a lot of seasons to accumulate holiday decor.  I do rotate and purge, but some items, like the witch silhouette and scary tree up there, have been around for such a long time, I can't remember anymore where they came from.
In the case of my pesky entry shelves, a lot of the items (with of course the exception of the old books) are fairly new: the wall decal, the silver words, the mummy statue...I believe they're all from Michael's. (I bought the mummy just last week, marked down to $2.50. )  On the other hand, my poor old crow perched on the glittery tree is really getting a little mangy and should be replaced.  He was purchased many years ago at the awesome Roger's Gardens, a wonderful high-end nursery and decor store in Newport Beach. 
I'm in love with that creepy, moody cover on that old copy of Wuthering Heights. Isn't it awesome? A recent find at a local antique mall.  The cover of my Frankenstein is pretty cool too, but you can't show 'em all.

I upload these images, knowing that in just over a week from now, Halloween will be over and I'll be futzing with the yet shelves again, finessing another display, for the deep autumn days of November.

 And don't even get me started on thinking about Christmas.  Yet.


  1. I *love* your Wuthering Heights cover. I replaced my paperback copy with the new Penguin Classics hardcover version this year--so pretty, but not creepy enough.

    Stopping by from BYW. :)


  2. Hi Christy! Thanks for stopping by. I love the Penguins Classics covers, too. So many books, so little $$.


Thanks for commenting! :)

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