September 30, 2011

Looking Up at the Park

Previously, I've written here about how much I admire the overall attention to design and prop details at Disneyland, specifically how even the smallest corners of the park are not forgotten.

Last week, we were at Disneyland again, after an enforced summer break. (Our annual passes are blacked out for most of the busy tourist season.) It was good to be back; the park is totally decked out and ready for Halloween, and we checked out the newly revamped Star Tours ride and the new Little Mermaid slow ride, over at the California Adventures park.

Here are some shots of more park details, specifically what you'll see if you just look up.
Entering the "Great Moments with Lincoln" attraction, on Main Street.
  I don't think I've ever seen this show! (Not on this visit, either.)
Inside the art gallery on Main Street
Decorated ledge at the Animation Studio, inside California Adventures

Again, in the Animation Studio room
My family at the Beast's Library, an interactive exhibit at California Adventures
And then there's always the Haunted Mansion, which transforms into a Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas theme, from the Halloween season through Christmas. 
I have always wanted to live in the Haunted Mansion, and admired
the ironwork way back before I ever knew what it was called.  

Yeah, it's coming too soon, I know....
Hope you enjoyed another peek at the park.  And speaking of Tim Burton, I really need to get on it and order tickets for the awesome retrospective of his career,  running now at LACMA.  My daughter is a big Burton fan and is amped to go, and the show ends on Halloween (of course).

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