September 27, 2011

Little Corner of the TV World

Last week, I found out about this:
Holy Hell, how did I miss the fact that a Gilmore Girls soundtrack is out there in the world? 

I loved the show so much.  For me, it's the television equivalent of a hot toddy, a warm throw and cozy new socks on a chilly night.  Just...pretty much perfect, for that specific mood.  One day last year, I felt literally sick and tired, like I was coming down with a bad cold. In the middle of the day, I crashed on the couch, too exhausted to do much besides point the remote at the television.  And there on ABC Family was a Gilmore Girls re-run.  I dont remember what particular episode, but there was Lorelai and Rory with all their sassy, smart banter. There was Luke, looking hunky behind the counter, offering up his coffee and pie.  A small, germy tear of happiness leaked out onto my pillow.
I was sorry when the show got cancelled after seven seasons, but I think it came at just the right time in the storyline. My favorite episode might be the one ('cause I have several) where Lorelai is feeling miserable about her relationship with Luke, and she's sitting at home, watching Judy Garland sing "The Man that Got Away," from A Star is Born, and then Luke rings her doorbell...  Yeah. That was a good one.  

I wonder, if I play this soundtrack in my car, with my Monkey Girl riding with me, will our conversation suddenly become witty and loaded with pop-culture references? Will our hometown seem as charming and quirky as Stars Hollow, Connecticut? 
Probably not, huh?  First of all, she's not even quite big enough to ride shotgun yet.  Also, since I didn't have her when I was eighteen, there's really no chance at all of me ever being as cool and hip a mom as Lorelai.  Also, our town is the extreme opposite of a small, quirky New England town, fictional or not.

By the way, I found out about the soundtrack after digging around to find out what the show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, has been up to these days.  According to Wikipedia, she recently created and pitched a new series for the The CW that never made it on-air.  The plot synopsis?  "Gilmore Girls meets Little House on the Prairie."



  1. I have got to get this show on Netflix. Somehow, I never watched it, but want to check it out.

  2. It's good stuff; good writing and very quirky characters. Hope you'll get to see it. It's also on re-runs on the ABC Family channel, I believe, but might be hard to start in the middle.


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