January 4, 2010

Without A Net

The rest of the blogosphere seems to be back to work today, the first business day of the new year -- and the new decade. So what better time to break my over 3 month blogging hiatus? (Sheesh!)   During the last 3+ months, I've been busy, mostly with the holidays, which really seem to start about a week before Halloween. After that, it's a downward luge-run, screaming through to the end of the year. Also, as I mentioned in my last rather highly emotional post, I did in fact complete the 12-week creative process described (prescribed)  in The Artist's Way.  Well, all except for the last, 12th week.  It landed right in the midst of my son's 5th birthday and a family trip to the Vegas area, and I wanted to finish "big."  So I haven't finished at all -- sort of saving that final week up for a big "Tah-Da." 

That picture up there is my own minor Christmas miracle: that woman with the red shirt and big hair is me, on ice skates for the first time ever in my life -- and not making a total embarrassment of myself -- in front of my loved ones AND a bunch of neighborhood moms. I knew almost every single person out on that rink, as it was a Girl Scout event.  Yet there I was, in all my wobbly glory.  I surprised myself by doing pretty well, and was set to claim glorious victory for not falling even once -- but then a little girl crashed into me, not knowing how to stop herself -- and down I went. 

Oh well. It didn't hurt, and I was more annoyed than anything. Darn those little girls who think any handy adult woman (mom) will save them!  (Except that we usually will.)

So, up there, in a nutshell, is my big goal for 2010 -- and the new decade. Keep trying new things (that I've always wanted to try), even if it means falling down and bruising my elbow, or my ego, in front of the whole world.  My intent is to live by an old favorite quote, one that I used to have taped to my computer, when I was writing a lot and in the midst of my MFA program: "Leap, and the net will appear."  Back then, I applied it's meaning to the faith required to keep writing, knowing that the right words or solution will always appear, somehow.

That quote also turned up in the pages of The Artist's Way, and now, I feel it  applies to every facet of life. It's a good reminder to act, and not overthink everything so damn much.  After all, how bad can it turn out, when Santa Claus himself has got my back? 

Cheers, and Happy New Year.

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