January 7, 2010


 Oh, Ikea. Stop it. I have enough of you in my house already. Then you deliver this into my Ibox and I go, "hmmmm."  $99 for a Malm bed?

See, I have plans, Ikea. BIG plans. For my our bedroom this year. It involves getting rid of every single thing in the room right now. Every. Single. Thing.  (Including my current bed -- from  the Swedish Superstore who shall not be named.)  Paint, ceiling fan, window treatments -- the Whole Shebang.  The centerpiece of this Beautiful Idea in my head is a new bed -- a new upholstered bed.  I think I've found exactly what I want in the Hoffman bed from Room and Board:  clean lines, elegant, feminine-but-not-girly, modern.  And easily more than 10 times this weekend's sale price for the Malm:

All of my plans are on hold, while I await The Bed.  My fingers, nay, my whole being, can't wait to start painting and making my vision a reality.  No more mint-green walls. No more brass and white ceiling fan.  But I'm being patient. I'm trying to hold out for what I really want,which is two-fold: That Hoffman bed, and also:  a whole lot less Ikea in my life. 

And then I look at that e-mail. $99.  "Let's get this party started," you're whispering, Ikea.  And I hear you, but it's not going to work this time.   I'm tempted, it's true.  But I'm strong-willed, Ikea.  Just ask my husband.  (But the Malm -- you know it's well-made, it's modern, it's clean, it could do the job...).

Stop it, Ikea.  I can't hear you. My hands are over my ears, see? 

"La la la la la la la..."   So there.

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