June 24, 2013

Hello Monday {Solstice in Old Town}


It's Monday and I'm all worn out from a marathon, 14-hour day at the Disney parks yesterday. More on that later this week.

Today, I'm sharing some camera-photos from our Friday evening in our Old Town district. It was the summer solstice, and we ate on the patio of one of our favorite casual Mexican joints, Rosa's Cantina.
Then we strolled up the street toward the City Hall plaza, where the Street Art Festival that took place this past weekend was just getting started. By Saturday afternoon, the street is filled with chalk art drawn by local artists. I think anyone can enter in advance -- there were lots of young people in their late teens, alongside more serious artists.

The city also sets up two great big grid areas for children (or anyone, actually) to add their own art squares. The kids are given plastic gloves and a box of artist pastels and invited to get creative.  Of course my own kids were thrilled to jump in:
 After that, we got them cleaned up and strolled around town for a while... It was nearing sunset on the longest day of the year, and the streets were filled with a fairly even mix of both local families and tourists.
 And of course, it wouldn't be right to welcome in summer without stopping for ice cream. (Cotton candy flavored, for him.)

Hello to another week of summer vacation...the kids are in soccer camp this week, and it starts at 9am.  That's a welcome change, to be dressed and out the door early in the day.  We've been pretty laid-back around here. (Although we were out of the house before 7 to hit Disney yesterday.)

Hello to the last week of June...is it me, or has this been a realllly long month? Not in a bad way, but the first of June, back when the kids were still in school, already feels like ages ago.

Hello, Leon Day.  Do you celebrate? My husband is crazy about the holidays, and Leon Day (Noel, spelled backwards) marks 6 months until Christmas Day. I'll wake up tomorrow to carols and "Jingle Bell Rock" at my house. The kids are all excited about it. I like to think I'm the lone sane person here, rolling my eyes at the whole thing.

Hello to sweaty soccer clothes and pool time and probably some more ice cream thrown in there, too.

Hello to Tucker's Love Robot. You have to look hard, but it's got a great big red heart in its center (just like my sensitive, sweet boy).
Wishing you all a great first official week of summer.

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  1. Oh man! I commented on your daughter's room yesterday and today started going through a couple of other posts. My parents live in your town! I went to middle school and high school there. (Don't know if you list the city's name or not, for privacy reasons... so I won't name it). I LOVE Rosa's Cantina. Yum!

    1. Wow, how funny! No, it's not a "secret" that I live in Temecula, but I guess I do kind of keep it low-profile. We live on the south end of town & eat at Rosa's (usually take out) a LOT! And my daughter just started at TMS. Thanks for poking around the blog. :)


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