March 1, 2013

In Like A Lion, Sting Like A Bee

March! Here you are. Out with the doldrums of with today's gorgeous warm breezes blowing through the pines outside my desk window. 

Last night, my Odyssey team had a dress rehearsal in front of our school's other teams and the parents, principal, and PTA President. We did not suck! But my brain is doing all kinds of bad, short-circuit wiring mistakes from the stress of the last few days. Don't ask me to watch your kids, your dog, or hold your keys until the weekend and our Regional tournament is over. The silly title of this post is testament to what's flying around up there in my attic.

Here are some fuzzy, camera-phone shots of the bureau at the top of my stairs.  They have nothing to do with anything, except that I like all the colors going on here. When the crazy subsides, I'm looking forward to Spring-a-fying around the house a bit.
The planter is the one I Washi-taped to death at the Craft Cabinet event I attended back in August. Now the creators of that event, Jules and Andrea, are making the Craft Cabinet an official venture with regularly scheduled events. I'm excited for them, and excited to try my non-crafting hand again at next month's event. Check out their spankin' new site.

In the meantime, this weekend: Palm Springs! Booyah. 


  1. the next craft cabinet is two days after I close on my new house (hopefully). Not sure if I'll get there, although it sounds like a nice break for me :-)j Good luck with your Odyssey team!

    1. Oh, you bought a house! Awesome, dude! (You have to start talking like that now that you own California property. It's like, in the contract.) Hope you can make it; hope to see you soon. :)


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