February 6, 2013

My Forever Home

Source: tumblr.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Confession: I have a split-personality disorder.

At least when it comes to home design & decor. One side of my brain loves bright, intense colors and lots of contrast and contemporary lines. Think Jonathan Adler, mid-century furniture, starburst mirrors, and Palm Springs and Palm Beach: turquoise and orange? Bring it on. 

But the other side of my brain gravitates hard toward old and shabby (but not shabby-chic, per se.) I don't believe in reincarnation, yet some essential part of me is nostalgic for a life lived before this one, of aprons and pie safes and peeling floral wallpaper.

Maybe it was just all those years of reading the Little House books, of pretending that my long Lanz nightgown was Laura's calico dress.

This is the description I wrote on "My Forever Home" board over on Pinterest:
A farmhouse with a screen door out to the laundry line in the backyard. The sound of a freight train in the night. Honeybees drowsing in the roses, a ceiling fan spinning slow. Daisies in a coffee can, pie cooling on the windowsill. 


A screen door that creaks and slams. A backyard larger than our current rectangular postage stamp. A backyard with trees. With shade. With a hammock? Oh, I'm killing myself.

A kitchen sink, where my view is not the stucco wall of my neighbor's house, barely 10 feet away.

A place where I, or my children, could hop on a bike and ride beside wildflowers, or  a seasonal little stream, or ride into town for an ice cream. Where you could lean your bike against a tree and just stare up into the branches for a spell.

It's one of my oldest and fondest dreams, my Forever Home. Says the girl who lived in  4 rental houses before she was 12, and spent her adolescence in an apartment.  

It's good to have dreams.  You can visit My Forever Home board on Pinterest and see a lot more of the same. Sometimes I just sit and look at it and dream my leafy, shabby, creaky-floored dreams.

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