February 20, 2013

La Jolla Cove

As promised, here are some shots of lovely La Jolla, after we climbed up out of the caves this past Saturday afternoon. (You know that it's pronounced "hoy-ya," right? I know you know that. It's those other readers whom I  don't want to sound so obviously like tourists by pronouncing it "joe-la.")

Here's the view from the other side of the caves. There are many of them, set into this cliffside: 
Speaking of tourists: wow, there were a lot of 'em out on Saturday. Arguably, most people out walking and taking photos in La Jolla village are tourists, but I mean...there were a whole lot of international visitors out and about on this day.  I guess winter in San Diego is prime time to get away from northern climates, as there seemed to be a fair share of Europeans visiting, just from casually overhearing conversations.

Tourists, and kayakers. La Jolla is lousy with them. 
Also, birds and seals and sea lions.  (Note the white streaks in the foreground above: bird poop. Everywhere.)
 Acccording to the sign on the lifeguard tower, the water temperature was 56 degrees. There were some brave souls, swimming and snorkeling in wetsuits.
Also, these guys:
 They screamed and cursed each time a big wave came up and drenched them. Then they laughed and sat back down and waited for the next one.

The water looked very clear and turquoise. It made me want to jump in, too.

There are also lots of tidepools along the rocks. The kids were fascinated with the anemones.

Green rocks, furry with algae:
It was a good afternoon. Sunshine, waves, the smell of the ocean: It could only have been better if my kids had actually been able to get wet. (Don't think they didn't try to plead their case.)  Poor children -- they've been on rocks and piers and boardwalks aplenty over the last nine months, but it's been ages and ages since they got to truly play at the beach, with bathing suits and towels.

Summer will get here. In the meantime, La Jolla, an hour away in the winter? Plenty good enough. 

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