December 7, 2012

Thursday Night, Last Night

Hola & happy Friday.

Here's what my fireplace area looks like these days, compared to the picture I showed yesterday in my post about the new rug.  We're all decked out.
I had a wonderful Thursday night. The husband took the children to the mall to pick out some presents for moi, and took them out to dinner, too.  I ran over to my favorite bakery & got that turkey pesto panini I'd been craving all week, then came home & savored my dinner with a glass (or two) of a buttery chardonnay, while reading a very good novel. (The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer.) 

I had jazz on in the background, and with the scenes in the book describing a Parisian theater at Christmastime in 1937, I felt very cosmopolitan in my suburban tract house, dreaming of a more urban, sophisticated life someday. Although my little dinner & evening in my own Christmastime home was mighty idyllic.

The children came home with balloons and we settled down together and watched the last half of Elf on TV.   Later this afternoon, we'll go and pick out our fresh Christmas tree and bring that sucker home.  (My little fake one there in the family room is just a compromise for my dream of a flocked white tree.)

Saturday promises to be fabulously festive, with a trip down to San Diego. More on that next week.

'Til then, have a great weekend & hope you get your own little perfect moment of peace & jazz & good reading.

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