November 9, 2012

Waving Hello

Hello there!  It's Friday and yet it's my first hello this week.  I just needed to walk away & take a breather from my desk and feeling a little bad/guilty about stopping my 31-trips series at 21 trips.  Oh well.

And I'm gonna be honest and admit that one of the reasons I feel bad about the whole thing is that, for as much behind-the-scenes thinking and effort I put into those 21 posts, it actually garnered very, very little in terms of attracting and winning any new readers to the blog.  Perhaps it's crass to discuss, but I don't believe for a moment that the series participants (and there were close to 2,000 this year) go to the considerable effort of creating 31 days of fresh content about 1 subject, just for fun. For the challenge, maybe. For the large amount of Christian-based blogs who joined up, perhaps it was 31 days to testify and spread the word.  But I do think that, like me, the majority of bloggers signed on to the project in hopes of getting their names out there and growing their audience. 

SO. Not to whine, but yeah, it was disheartening. The most page views I've got so far from any of those posts have been Google search images for maps of Baja. 

Moving on.  Feeling disheartened about the blog was really a very, very minor part of the week.  Because overall, things have been good.

The husband took Tuesday off, and as I posted on my "real" Facebook account, it was a romantic day of getting the car smogged, making a return at Lowes, and getting flu shots together.  But first, we voted. And then we went out for breakfast.
I slipped the "flu shot" part in like it was no biggie, but really I'm quite phobic about doctors and shots and anything medical. So even though we just got our shots at the local supermarket pharmacy, I got all tense and weird beforehand. And of course, in the end it was no biggie at all. A tiny little poke. (This is my first flu shot, ever. The husband has gotten them for the last several years.)

And THEN I had an awful, grueling time in the dentist's chair yesterday. And if you think I got tense about my little flu shot, you can imagine how wigged I was about the dentist. So wigged, in fact, that I got sent away last week by the dentist with a prescription to take some Valium before they could proceed with cleaning my teeth. Because, yes, it had been literally years since I'd been to a dentist.
Just keepin' it real here, folks.  So...several shots of Novocaine and a flu jab notwithstanding, it's been a good week.  Crazy busy, with Lily having 2 post-season soccer playoff games (they came in 3rd) and trying to clean the house and decorate for autumn and keep my head above piles of laundry and oh yeah, feeling very very grateful and relieved that our candidate won the election. 

And now we have a 3-day weekend and SOCCER SEASON WILL BE OVER AT 10AM SATURDAY and we've all got some fun and relaxing plans in store.

See you next Tuesday. Until then: speaking of decorating to look like fall here in my crib, I present you with this gem, that literally made me LOL.  (Don't read if you're offended by frequent F-bombs.) 

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  1. No, no. No need to feel bad; I'm still here & enjoyed the series!


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