November 27, 2012

The Bissell House

Over Veteran's Day weekend, the husband and I were lucky to get away to lovely Pasadena for two nights by ourselves.  Even though we've had our fair share of road trips and travel this year, this was actually the first time in 2012 that we enjoyed an overnighter without the children in tow.

Because our plans didn't firm up until about a week prior, I hesitated to book a room too early. We've stayed at a couple of nice places in Pasadena before, once at the Westin, and once, for my birthday, at the wonderful, posh Langham. But I couldn't find a good last-minute rate for the Westin (Priceline kicked back all my bids) and frankly couldn't afford 2 nights at the Langham (especially since this wasn't an "event" trip, just a little getaway).

On the other hand, I wasn't enthused about staying someplace blah & corporate for our sole getaway of the year.

Enter the Bissell House:
First off, if you haven't figured it out yet, let me say that we're really not the typical B&B types, despite preferring small hotels in general.  The only other time we've stayed at a B&B was for our first wedding anniversary, way up north at the Gingerbread Mansion in Ferndale.

Still, I love old houses and quirky lodging, and the Bissell House was definitely a different experience for us.  The stairs were creaky, the shower was in a claw-foot tub and the bed was draped and comfortable. The communal breakfast was a little awkward (after the first morning, we felt like edgy young whippersnappers compared to the general age of the other patrons). Still, we're grown-ups and able to make civilized chit-chat.  On the second morning, there was a much younger newlywed couple at breakfast, and so we got kicked up into the older demographic again.

Yes, there was a lot of chintz and a stuffed animal waiting on our bed. If it were my own residence, I wouldn't feel compelled to decorate an old house to such rigidly 1980s ideas of a "Victorian B&B." Still, I think that type of decor is what many patrons (read: older women) expect of their bed-and-breakfast experience.

Some shots of the interior. Somehow I neglected to take any photos of our room, but it was wallpapered in burgundy stripes and stayed dim throughout the day.
Fixture in the foyer
On the staircase landing
Living room at night. Classical music played low on the stereo.
A small sofa and table sits before the fire.
I would stay here again, if only because I love overnighters with my husband, and old houses, and the general South Pasadena/Pasadena area. 
Speaking of loving old houses, in my next post I'll share some of the drool-inducing homes that we saw on a morning stroll through the neighborhood. 

I'm not really in the market to sell my soul, but those  You'll see.

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