October 7, 2012

31 Trips in Cali, Day 7: Legoland

So what kind of urban environment are you in the mood for today?  The culture and beauty of America's supposedly most European city, San Francisco? Or do you need to cut loose and kick up your heels in Sin City? How about both?

Let's go to San Francisco, first.  We can admire the pretty row of Painted Ladies, seen in so many art prints and postcards.
And walk the steep hills and take in the pyramid-shaped TransAmerica building in the glamorous downtown district.
We'll play tourist and head over to Pier 39, where we can gaze over at Alcatraz and watch the sea lions bark and frolic.
Of course, we can hardly be tourists in 'Frisco without a ride on a cable car. (Tip-off that you're a tourist: calling the city "'Frisco." The locals hate when you do that.) 
Well, that was fun. But after all that upscale food and chilly ocean air, let's drive out to Vegas and walk the Strip with one of the those yard-long strawberry daiquiris.

It's a good replica of Vegas and all, but the streets are much too clean. Where's all the litter from the handbills of strip clubs and escort services? All the cigarette butts and lost hotel key cards?

Oh, right. This is family-friendly Vegas, and of course it's not Vegas or San Francisco at all, but the Miniland U.S.A. section of Legoland.  

Located in Carlsbad, in northern San Diego county, Legoland is easily the amusement park nearest to own my front door. Yet despite it's proximity, our family has only visited it once. (Lily has been twice; once with her Girl Scout troop.)  I'm not sure why.  Legoland was fun, it was cute, there was a lot to look at and admire.  Still, we haven't been back since this visit in 2010. I know we didn't even cover all of the park, and probably spent too much time on the kiddie rides, rather than taking in the bigger-kid attractions.

I know these two had a blast:
Then again, they usually find fun just about anywhere. We should really go back to Legoland sometime. It's much cheaper than Disneyland, has areas of the park we haven't yet explored, and did I mention that its pretty nearby?

Huh.  Something to think about!

Thanks for coming along! Come back tomorrow for Day 8 of my 31 Trips in California series, when we'll check out at a San Diego location that my family visits at least a couple times each year.

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  1. I've been meaning to take the kids to Legoland, but have been waiting to find a discount pass. Looks like fun!

    1. Lisa -- you should definitely take your kids! Unlike Disney, Legoland usually has coupons and good offers out there. It's a very mellow place, compared to the crowds at Disney.


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