September 10, 2012

Cambria, And Where Next?

I have a pet peeve about locals who complain about the hot weather in September. It's supposed to be hot right now. It happens every year. No surprise. Still. It's hot! And humid. So humid, at least for Southern California. 

Last night around midnight it started to rain, and there was distant thunder and it was all very atmospheric and sexy and I could've pretended like it was a scene from The Big Easy, but the husband was sound asleep so...yeah.

Speaking of the husband and uh, lost opportunities, I'm itching to plan a little weekend getaway for just the two of us. I don't see that happening anytime soon though, mostly because both kids are playing recreational soccer, and have games every Saturday through early November. Blurgh.
And yes, I realize that I've been a little travel spoiled this summer: there was Palm Springs with my sis in June, our first-ever cruise in July, and then the jaunt up to Morro Bay in late August.  True, but none of those were romantic escapes with just me and my love, alone. Alone, with no relatives, no interrupting children, no sibling squabbles to shush and no scolding for manners at restaurants. 
All the photos in this post were taken in Cambria, an artsy little village up on the Central Coast. This was a little side trip of our Morro Bay excursion, prompted mostly by my mother-in-law, who was lucky enough to to have grown up in the area.

Cambria is near the sea, but the village proper is inland a bit, and protected from the coast by low hills that are covered in pines and coastal oaks. So it's a little of the best of both worlds: easy coastal access and restaurants with ocean views, combined with the lush hills and trees that give you a cozy forest-feeling, especially when it gets foggy. 
It's the kind of place that has lots of quaint B&B's and inns, all advertising romantic fireplaces in the rooms. Frankly it seemed just a tad too sleepy for my taste, but then we didn't get to explore much beyond the main drag. There do seem to be lots of tantalizing hikes and trails to explore, and Cambria is the first-choice romantic getaway for my uncle and his wife, both of whom are quite active and like to hike.
But since it's a good five hour drive north from home, Cambria isn't on my short-list for a quick romantic escape right now.

On my list of possibilities: Ojai, or the local mountains. Or even just a quick over-nighter in the OC. We historically go to Palm Springs, but that doesn't appeal at all right now. Right now, I'm craving cool breezes and a chilly evening that requires a sweater. A sweater! Now there's a concept. 

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  1. Yes, there is more to Cambria than just the main drag of cute shops! And the hiking is great. Hope you can give it a try someday.


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