September 17, 2012

Big Ikea Plans

On Sunday, we did some epic shopping. Mostly window-shopping, but how often do you tackle Ikea, The Container Store and an outdoor mall in one afternoon?  At least we stopped in between for some lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, but I was good and didn't order any actual cheesecake. But I was sorely tempted, and in retrospect, should have just went for it.  

I'm excited because we bought two pieces of Ikea furniture that will hopefully solve the issues with two of the problematic areas of my house: the entryway, and my master bedroom.

For a refresher, here's my entryway wall as it looked around this time last year:
And here's what its looked like since February, when I took down the shelves:
The husband has since patched up & re-painted over all the holes, but you get the idea. I have a short little Lack table sitting there currently, serving as a landing place for sunglasses and mail, etc.

Yesterday at Ikea, I bought a small white Malm dresser for the space.  I know, another piece of Ikea in my house (rolls eyes). But.  But, I purposely bought a Malm, because I'm really excited to try some Overlays designs on it.  I'm not sure yet if I'll paint the Overlays or not (and what color?), but they are definitely going to happen.

Some ideas, from one of my Pinterest boards:

And here's a gold-painted version:

(I'm very interested in finding out how 2 of the above Malm's pictured appear to have legs. Maybe they left off the bottom board during assembly? Must investigate, because it looks great.)

And then, also inspired by my Pinterest boards, we bought the Vittsjo shelving unit, for the Great Wall of Greyness in my bedroom:
i'm really excited to buy some brass spray paint and turn the flat, black metal unit into this:

Between the Malm and the Vittsjo unit, there will be a lot of surfaces for me to style and dress up all purty-like.  I'm itching to get to these projects.  Updates soon!


  1. ooh, I love overlays! I did the pippa ones on my Malm dresser I'm using as a bedside table in my master bedroom, and spray painted them gold. I think whichever ones you pick will be fabulous. What will you be putting above it? I had a stairwell with the same issue two houses back and could never find art that I liked in that little slanty space.

    ps. I'm guessing they left off the front board in order to give the appearance of legs, but I wouldn't do that, as the unit is on the flimsy side and that board adds structural integrity. I think My Crafty Home Life recently added legs to her Malm bedside dresser (but don't quote me on that).

    1. Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you used & loved the Overlays. Planning on putting a mirror above the dresser -- if it fits. That space is a pain in the butt to work around!!

      And yes, my husband says the Malms are just missing the kickplate--he doesn't think it'll make the piece too unstable, but we'll see.


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