July 31, 2012

Rock the Boat

Hello, peeps.  We're back from our epic vacation...a 7-day Carnival cruise down the Mexican coast.  It was hectic, overwhelming, and fun. Fun, but a complicated kind of fun.  A check your watch for the next show/meal/excursion kind of fun.  A get dressed and live and sleep and wrangle children in a space smaller than our master bedroom kind of fun.  (Okay, it was a little bigger than that.* Maybe.*)

This was the first cruise for all of us, and I'm still processing my thoughts.  I'm also suffering from some wicked post-boat motion sickness.  Like when you spend the whole day in the pool as a kid, and feel waterlogged that night in bed? Yeah, like that, but worse. It's especially bad sitting here at my desk.

But I wanted to pop on and say howdy, between loads of laundry and clutching my head wandering aimlessly around the house, trying to decide what to tackle next.  Getting dressed and putting a little lipstick on will be a good start (something I couldn't manage yesterday, our first full day home.)

The photo above was taken by my husband before 6am, on the day we returned to home port in Long Beach.  We're just about to dock here. It's one of over 500 photos (plus video) that we took last week.  Sometime soon I hope to go through them and create a slideshow for our extended family, print out copies, and share some here with you. What was that about clutching my head?

See you back in a few days, when hopefully I no longer feel as if I'm about to be pitched out of my chair, and some semblance of routine has returned to my house.

(Edited to note: the husband says I'm whack for thinking the cabin was anywhere near as big as our master bedroom.  It was much smaller.)

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