June 16, 2012

This Guy.

 This guy.

Ever sweet, ever smiling.

Almost always, only my cranky makes him cranky, only my sadness makes him frown.


My hero. Their hero. 

Hardest-working guy I've ever known.  (Smartest, too.)

He loves Dr. Who and loud music and any excuse to use a soldering iron and thinks the saddest movie ever was Bicentennial Man (because he sympathizes with our future robot overlords).

Awesome Dad. Awesome-r husband. (No, it's a tie.)  Loves our monkeys to pieces.
And me, too. (That makes me the lucky one.)

Happy Father's Day, honey.  We love you a bushel and a peck.

(*Just realized these pictures are two summers apart, and he's wearing the same shirt!) 

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