June 1, 2012

It's Friday...

No L.A. Music Friday post today, since writing yesterday's William Morris project post took forever to create, and I really need to get out into the world today.   (Although when I typed "it's Friday," I got that annoying teenage-girl Youtube song in my head. And I think she's from the Valley, so...hey!) *Actually looked it up, and she's from Anaheim Hills, so...hey!

But here's an update: I've got a new way to make coffee, now that inventory has dried up for buying new pods for my Senseo machine.  The above is a little Bodum French press.  It seems to do the trick for making my one-off daily cup.  After reading the directions, I feared I'd have to return it, because the directions specifically state to  "use COARSE ground coffee only."  Well, I'm not about to also go out & buy a grinder...that's all just way too ritualistic and time-consuming for me.

So far the store-bought grounds seem to work fine. Whew! Another first-world suburban mom problem solved.

Also, look out world, because the Tek Nynja, also known as my husband, has a new blog post out, after almost a year.  Click over here to see the kind of things he does for fun and relaxation.  I can barely understand it, but love how his enthusiasm shows through in sentences like "I love the challenge of hand-tuning code to make it as small and fast as possible, and that's not so easy with the PIC18F's!" 

 Right!  So now you know what we'll be up to this weekend: drinking coffee, ripping apart and hacking small gadgets, and hopefully getting out as a family to enjoy our glorious hot sunshine.

Happy Friday!

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