May 4, 2012

No Joe

No "L.A. Music Friday" post today.  I need to step away from my desk and focus on life beyond the blog.  In addition to posting, this week I've spent a lot of behind-the-scenes hours, changing up my header, tweaking the colors, just doing this and that. A little spring tidying up for the Nest.  I'm not sophisticated at graphic design, don't know HTML, and so ended up banging my head against some of the weird things that Blogger does and doesn't allow you to change.  Maybe someday, I'll pay a real designer to make this space look as sleek & pretty as I'd like. 

Also...for the past week, I've been without my cup of coffee.  I'm not a coffee addict, but I do enjoy my one cup each morning. I've had a Senseo machine for the last several years. First I had a dark red one, and when it died, I got the black one in the above photo.  And all has been just fine, until....

a few months back, when the Senseo coffee pods up and disappeared from the shelves at Target. They weren't at the grocery store, either.  I ended up buying a multi-pack of four flavors at Amazon, and when that was gone,  created a "subscription" to save money and have the coffee automatically delivered each month.

Last weekend, I used up my two last coffee pods.  And no "subscription" had yet arrived at my door.  So long story short, Amazon cancelled my order, because evidently there ARE no coffee pods to ship out.  Damn.  Senseo claims they'll have more inventory available by July, but I ain't buying it. Or, as The Husband says..."death throes."   Farewell, dear Senseo.  Sorry it ended so...abruptly.  I would've savored our last cup a little longer. 

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  1. Life without coffee for me seems unfathomable. Here's to a new coffee machine!


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