May 17, 2012

My New Old Phone

If last week's William Morris post was my most boring yet, than this week's is definitely my easiest. All I had to do was open a Mother's Day gift and snap some photos. 

A big part of the whole William Morris project is living with intention: buying and displaying and living with only those items that you deem beautiful or necessary.  So along with that intention, I knew that my husband had been looking around for a vintage rotary phone to use in our home.  I've wanted one too, but of course wasn't about to settle for just any old boring black or beige thing. 

Mother's Day morning brought flowers and waffles and sweet hand-painted art, two new books, and some Charming Charlies' bling. And then, there was this:
Ohmygoodness.  My new vintage aqua rotary phone. It is so cool.  It is so loud. It is so heavy. I forgot how heavy old rotary phones were. And yes, it works.  Perfectly. (It was purchased on Ebay, and all I know is that my husband had to bide his time for months to find a phone that looked good, worked and wasn't too expensive.)

It was amusing to teach the kids how to dial, to insert their fingers into the holes and tug: "you mean, I have to go all the way around?" (And yes,  when you dial each number, you hear that...rotary sound.)  It was like showing them how to wind up a Victrola.

Our phone doesn't ring all that often, and it'll probably give us all heart attacks if it ever rings after midnight, but hearing this thing ring...LOUDLY, and answering it, and placing the handset back into the cradle, puts a stupid, happy smile on my face. Every time.
Ring-A-Ling...It's for youuuu.   

Also: don't think I haven't been putting in my sweat this week. Because my bookshelves got the flu, and threw up their entire contents onto my living room floor.  It was helpful to type out the point of the WM project again at the start of this post, as it helps me remember not to keep something out of guilt, just because it was a wedding gift from nearly fifteen years ago.

So out go the dusty crystal vases and candle holders that never get used. In comes something old and funky and fun that'll be used every day, and will become part of the memories my children take when they leave our home. Maybe someday, they'll instruct their own kids on how to use an "antique" phone like this.  And they'll look like old pros.

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  1. OH! I love it. My grandmother had a phone like this and now I'm wondering whatever happened to it . . . As a child, I looked for any excuse to put my finger in the circles and dial away. Way cooler than the cordless I'm looking at right now. Blah.

    1. Thanks, Courtney! And while the vintage one looks better, our cordless phones are still very much in our house, too.

  2. I helped out at a garage sale at a community hall this eekend with an old wall mounted rotary phone. When I used it, I couldn't believe how long it took to dial our number. It took FOREVER! And I grew up with the things, too.

    PS__I have heard it is recommended that you have a dial telephone in case the power goes out.

    1. You're right, Alana, our phones & dialing have gotten so fast, compared to the past! And yes, a rotary or push button phone, that doesn't rely on any electricity, will keep working through a power outage.

  3. So nice to receive something you really wanted! The new phone looks so cheerful!

  4. What a fabulous gift! The color is so fun. Just imagine all the messages that have come in over that old phone. Dates made etc. Fun!

  5. Melissa & May, thank you. I hadn't thought of all the plans and conversations the phone has heard over the years. I like that. :-)


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