May 10, 2012

Closet Stuff

This is possibly my most boring post ever: I cleaned out the closets.   Well, at least mine and the kids.  I didn't touch the husband's side of our walk-in, but his stuff would have easily produced another bag for the donation pile.

My goal was to empty out my closet of old clothes, and then do a thorough cleaning: vacuum, dust, and rearrange my little vanity area on top of the long dresser.  Then I could play with all my pretty perfume bottles and vintage head-vases and show them off to you.  But no, the pile of cast-offs kept growing, and even though it's only been a couple of years since my last closet clean-out, there was a lot of stuff to go through. 

My take-away at the end of this week:  Tucker still has a pretty consistent, if slow, growth rate, Lily has exploded in the last year into a great big, tall girl (at 10, she's pushing the size limits of many kids stores/departments) and when it comes to myself, investing in "quality" pieces really does pay off in the long run.  I had a big pile of fun, "Saturday night" shirts, most costing under $20. Time for them to go.
Here they are, set out this morning for the veteran's donation truck.  (There are two black garbage bags hiding beneath & beside the white table.)

Next week: tackling all the stuff that I pulled out of our old, big media center that was sold on Craiglist, and that we replaced with the vintage credenza.  I was glad to see it go, but it was great for storage. Now I'm going to have to find new homes for all this, which has been stashed behind the living room couch for the last few weeks:
Needless to say, this pile doesn't excite or inspire me, but it has to get dealt with.  I've been dragging my feet, because I know the wood shelving unit that you glimpse here, full of open and closed shelf storage and packed with books and papers and a boutique's worth of random candles, is fairly screaming for attention. 

But that can wait until next week. It's only Thursday, but I say Mother's Day should be an entire weekend, and it starts.....Now.

On Thursdays, I'm linking up with Jules at Pancakes and French Fries for her 2012 William Morris Project. 


  1. It seems as if I just cleaned out my closet, but a couple of my drawers are bursting at the seams again, so it's probably time. Doesn't it seem like you have to sort the kids' clothes every two or three months? Between what they can't wear and what they won't wear, there's always plenty to purge.

    1. Yes, there's always a ton of stuff, between buying new clothes each season and constantly growing...I'm never really done!

  2. I love cleaning out stuff and sending it away! And I'll second you on the notion of buying fewer things of higher quality. I think it really does pay off in the long run.

    1. Yep, it does pay off...but I still get lured in by cute, cheap stuff at Forever 21 & similar stores. If only I had the funds to go all quality, all the time!

  3. All I have to say is that I am so glad to know I am not the only woman in the world whose house is like this. Thanks for the encouragement and in a weird way...affirmation that I am not totally wacky and awful. Instead I am actually pretty doggone busy and my home is constantly a work in progress as my kids grow and how we live flows and flexes.

  4. Linda, hardly the only woman in the world! In fact, we're probably in the majority. I've learned to accept that sometimes my house is clean & organized, and sometimes life takes over & it all goes to hell again! Thanks for stopping by.


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