April 11, 2012

Monkeys on a Bench

My monkeys on a bench in San Francisco's Chinatown, last week.  Just last week?  It already feels longer.   Our trip up north was great, much more on that soon.  The last half of the kids' 2-week spring break flew by, and though they returned to school this Monday, it feels like the break just ended literally about an hour ago, when I said farewell to our house guest of the last several days (my mom). 

It felt good to spend time away from the computer, but I did miss the blog.  Nobody in my extended family knows I have a blog, so it feels a little dishonest when one of them asks what I do with myself while the kids are in school, and I respond with something vague like, "um...this and that." Although maybe that's not so dishonest, really. 

This and that: it fills up the hours, more than you might think. 

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