February 13, 2012

Last Disney Hurrah

Last month we spent the day at California Adventures and Disneyland, as a sort of last hurrah.  It wasn't our last visit ever, but it was our last time using our annual passes.  They expired at the end of January, and we made an executive decision not to re-up this time.  Time to take a little break from The Mouse.  We have some big vacation plans in the works for the summer, and we also want to visit some of the other major amusement parks in SoCal, like Knotts Berry Farm, and/or  Universal Studios.

So here's my last installment, at least for a good while, of Looking up at the Parks. We hadn't been on the big ferris wheel at the California Adventures boardwalk in a long time: 
Out in the distance, in the area resembling a mini Grand Canyon, you can see the new Cars Land area that's set to open later this summer.  (This area is closed off and unseen at ground level.)  Like a lot of little boys, Tucker used to be such the Cars fanatic a few years ago. But now he's the ripe old age of seven, and by the time we visit Cars Land, he's going to be too big to fully enjoy it. (But I think it will still make him happy.) 
These are the lights in the indoor waiting area for the Toy Story ride.  It's supposed to look like an old-fashioned state fair. 
Then we headed over to the Bug's Life area.  It's surprising that this area has (so far) remained untouched and unchanged, because I've never considered A Bug's Life a very major Disney/Pixar film. But what do I know?  Here I am, looking up at a clover, from a bug-size perspective:
Over at Disneyland proper, they had a small area celebrating Chinese New Year, near Small World.

Another project I need to tackle is printing out some of our oodles of Disney pictures that we've taken over the last couple of years.  The kids have autograph books, with a slot to insert the photos you take with each character.  Lily's book seriously need updating (and is full), and Tucker's is still empty of any photos!

Tucker put his book on my desk as little reminder: Get on it, woman. 
I really should get on it.

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