February 24, 2012


Sacramento riverfront image from here.
Ah, the end of another week.  I felt slightly more productive than last week, which is still not very productive at all.  By taking a slight little break from the blog earlier this week, I freed my brain up to...I dunno. Ponder. Make plans.  It's the last weekend in February, so there's a definite expiration date on the winter doldrums.

One thing I did accomplish was booking reservations for a quick spring-break getaway to Northern California, specifically San Francisco and Sacramento. It will be a whirlwind trip, but that's okay.  My children get two weeks off for spring break, so I'll just be grateful to go somewhere.  And I'm looking forward to checking out Sacramento and it's Old Town district. The more I read and discover about the area, the more it seems like it could be a place to move someday. And it's beside a big river...and I really love rivers, even more than the ocean.  (Note to husband: there's also a very awesome-looking bike trail along the river, that goes on for miles and miles. Just sayin'.) 

Happy weekend. Be productive. Or not.  It's still February.


  1. My husband and I are also planning a trip to San Francisco for spring break! Anything fun planned out to see and do? We've had a hard time narrowing down our "must see" list.

  2. Hi Jennie...yes, it's such a quick little trip, it's hard to narrow our list. Hoping to at least do Alcatraz, Chinatown & the new natural/science museum...can't think of the name right now. Have fun!


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