January 27, 2012

Fine & Mellow

 Happy that it's Friday, happy it's almost the end of January.  January feels so much like we're all just pacing around in the wings, eager to get onstage and finally get the real show started.

I've been trying to work on the house and get back into routine, but I've felt lazy and unmotivated for the most part.  I think it's a long hangover from the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Just last week, I had to ask my husband to take apart the vacuum cleaner, which would turn on but not suck anything up; turns out, it was literally choking on too many needles from the Christmas tree, and had formed these odd, solid clumps of dust and needles that were like large owl pellets. Lovely. So there's my metaphor for the month of January: a solid mass of detritus, blocking the way to getting down to the real work.

So far, I'm doing okay on my resolution to dig in & embrace routine, though there have been a few hiccups. In my efforts to post more often and earn a wider audience, I've logged in lots and lots of time on the computer.  Which I know is par for the course and part of the "work" to achieve my goals, but since it's hardly a real paying job, it's also hard not to look around some days and wonder....just what am I doing here, exactly? And why?

The above shot was taken on a sunny, warm day a couple weeks back. It was late afternoon and I'd been puttering around and listening to music.  The waning sun was golden, there was a slight breeze in the palm and pepper trees out the window, and I felt compelled to lay down on my unmade bed and just soak it all up.   I felt fine and mellow, and like a lucky person, to live where I do, to have the opportunities before me. To bask in warm winter air and wiggle my bare toes and listen to my children, laughing together downstairs.

Golden days, golden sunlight: January, come over here so I can give you a noogie.  Ya ain't really so bad, after all.

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  1. I really can't believe though that January is almost over - where did it go?


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