January 11, 2012

Bookish Gifts

My husband gave me some wonderfully bookish gifts this Christmas.  In my stocking was the charm bracelet above, from Etsy shop A Likely Story.  Thank goodness for online wish lists, as I'd added the bracelet a few months ago to a list, then nearly forgotten all about it.
Next is this pretty library mug, from Kate Spade for Lenox.  Love it.
An occasional Friday-night outing for our family is heading over to our local Barnes & Noble after dinner.  Standing in line to buy a few things, I spotted this book bag, designed by Jonathan Adler, and full of quotes from classic books.    "I love that!" I told my husband.  I also love that it's in one of my very favorite color combos, of turquoise and grass green.
Another item on my wish list was this book, Stealing Magnolias, by Debra Shriver.  This coffee table book is a celebration of the French-influenced style of New Orleans.  Not a travel book, it's more about the author's own home, and features lots of photos of monogrammed linens, antique china and drowsy courtyards.  A great book for whiling away the time and dreaming my  anywhere but here daydreams.

So, granted, three of the items were on wish lists, and the other I pretty much told my husband: "buy this for me."  Still, I love and appreciate that he takes the time to research my lists, and listen to me, and look over my shoulder as I window shop.  If he wants to keep on gifting me in the same vein, I welcome him to hack into my public library account and take care of my overdue library fines.  The first outing for the new bookbag will be later today, when I return some seriously late books.  Oh well.  Somebody has to fund the place.

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