September 16, 2011

Not Young Enough in the Young Way

Image found here.
Most of this summer, the music by San Francisco-based My First Earthquake has been really, really popular over at my house.  My kids both have a few of their songs on each of their little Sansa MP3 players. (Those players have taken a hell of a licking and still keep ticking, after at least 3 years of abuse.)

My husband, who is the musical maverick around here, first heard them on PopTron, an online station through SomaFM that plays lots of synthesizer-heavy, 80s'-inspired electronica. He's in his late 40s, but still listens to and seeks out new music, unlike some of his Old White Guy peers who are content to still be workin' on their night moves with Bob Seger.  (Although in full disclosure, we'll both crank it up for original, Roth-era Van Halen.)

Anway, so he played the music for the kids, showed them the cute, low-budget videos on YouTube, and my kids have been hooked.  The songs are fun, poppy and bouncy, the lead singer is a cutie, and I can totally relate to the song, (I'm Not) Cool Enough in the Cool Way:

"I can't be compared, without mentioning old ladies/
I can't be compared, without mentioning old ladies holding babies!

Had a fantasy about dark socks/Got a cup of tea, but Earl Grey rocks..."
Video Below:

My daughter and husband both claim "Mad Tight" as their favorite. (Should I be concerned that my husband bops so happily along to a song about a dress being mad tight, because it got left in the dryer too long?)

Anyway, I'm not trying show off how hip we are.  Hardly. I'm just sharing what it sounds like under our particular roof these days.  I like their music too, but feel a little "I'm not worthy." As in, maybe I'm just not young enough in the young way.   I'm also probably too old and nerdy to be lurking around some of the hipster blogging circles that I do, but no one has called me out on that, not yet.  (I do weep a little into my cold coffee, though, when I read a blog post by a whippersnapper fondly recalling her preschool days, back in the early 90s.)

On the other hand, the fact that I honestly like My First Earthquake gives me some hope.  I'm not at all fond of much new music these days, the type favored by young indie hipsters.  Especially the music put out by all those bands full of earnest young men and their facial hair.  I just...don't...get it? (Maybe I need to move to Portland?)
Fleet Foxes, image from here.
Mumford and Sons, image from here.
See, I like me a little banjo and all, but when I hear it, my brain immediately thinks of this guy:
Roy Clark on banjo, Buck Owens on the gee-tar. Ernest Borgnine (?!?) providing hand-claps. Image via here.
See?  I'm not cool enough, by a long shot. And yes, I have sat in a living room in my childhood, while Hee-Haw played on the televison. A great big, huge console television, and someone had to get up off the couch to change the channel. Suck on that, hipsters.

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