August 29, 2011


Deep drawer, on the island
 I am such a tease.  I'll let you look into my drawers, but not see much else.

I don't check my Blogger stats very often, but when I do, it's very clear to me that what The People want to see most here is my Ikea kitchen.

And people, I have been there. Sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours, trolling the interwebs looking for photos and inspiration of other Ikea kitchen projects. I understand.  It's a long process, the planning and choosing and measuring and buying and installing.  You need visual proof that it can be done, and that what you're choosing will look good.
My narrow cabinet for cookie sheets and muffin pans. LOVE this.
Being the shameless tease that I am, I have mentioned in passing my kitchen a few times on the blog, long long ago.  You can read details & see some in-progress shots here and here.  These posts are easily my most viewed, hands down.  (Note that in both posts I link to a now-defunct page over on Ikea Fans; I never maintained my site when they did a re-vamp a couple years back. Sorry.)

Anyway.  So here is another teaser post. I promise, barring personal or natural disasters, to show you the whole thing on Friday.  No more teasing, no more close-ups of the part, but big wide shots of the whole.  I will be Giving the People What They Want:  my kitchen with the Nexus Yellow Brown Ikea cabinets.  Promise!
Ikea Stainless shelves.

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