February 9, 2011

Hidden Corners of the Park

View from the tippy-top of the Treehouse; Haunted Mansion in the distance.
A couple of weeks ago, we were at Disneyland. Again.  I love being at Disney, and so do the kids. We have annual passes, which are expensive, so I was very grateful when "Santa-Husband" tucked a box under the tree this year with another set of passes for our family.  (Note: the passes are expensive, but Disney does offer multiple-payment options to stretch out the injury, which I suppose is why it feels like everyone and their mother living in the SoCal radius has passes. Including my own mother.)

After visiting the park so many times over my lifetime, you'd think I'd seen it all, but there always seems to be some new nook or cranny of detailed goodness.  This is why people love Disney -- not for the rides, or the "happiest place on Earth" experience, but because those Imagineers really, really know how to pay attention to the details. 

For the first time (ever?), we tackled the big treehouse in Adventureland. The treehouse used to be the Swiss Family Robinson house, but now it's the "Tarzan" house, based on a lesser-known animated flick that came out about a decade ago.  Here are some shots of the detailed props around the treehouse.
Victrola and telescope -- this looks like an awesome antique store

Typewriter in the trees.  I just realized that the teapot in the background is "Mrs. Potts" from "Beauty and the Beast." 
This display looks like something from either Anthropologie or a high-end nursery.   
My favorite area in Disneyland is easily New Orleans Square.  I love the ornate wrought-iron balconies, the narrow cobbled streets and "hidden" alleys.  On this trip, coming out of the restroom, I looked up and noticed these clothes on a laundry line, which I had never ever seen before. Were they new? Or have they been there always, and I never paid attention?

Bad lighting, but you can see them hanging up there.             

Every light post in the Square has these Mardi Gras masks. Again, love all that detail, and how they're always changing things up.
Of course, with the crazy prices for parking and food and STUFF, they damn well better step it up.  Love ya, Disney.  As long as you're around, and the water in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride still has "that certain smell," things can't be too wrong in the world. 


  1. I've never seen clothes hanging on a line, either. Huh. Years ago, I checked out Tarzan's Treehouse when Tarzan himself was wandering about. The dude was hot, six-pack abs, muscle-bound thighs, etc.

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  3. Perfect! I love your style. It looks so cherry and artistic yet peaceful. What a great combination.


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