February 23, 2011

Helluva Thing

Have you seen it? Probably on the web, if you visit any design blogs at all. But have you really seen it, in person?  As Jimi would say...but...are you experienced with this thing?

Because the Ikea Maskros pendant is a. hell. of. a. thing. A helluva thing.  To whit:
It's big.
It looks like a big puff of dandelion. And at 32" in diameter, this thing is big.  It is a statement.  I have a big-ish house, with some tall ceilings here and there.  But I don't think any space in my house could handle this guy.

We took a trip down to the San Diego Ikea a couple of weekends back, and turns out...they now have a smaller, more manageable-sized Maskros.  At 24" in diameter (I think...didn't write down the exact dimensions)  it shaves nearly 10" off the mother-ship size.   Not sure where, or even if, I would use this, but just the fact that I can potentially put this somewhere is pretty exciting.  I think I even did a small mini-shriek there in the lighting section.  Hey, maybe it can be my new light fixture over by my desk area. 

Here's another shot of the original light, shown more in context of its size:
I told you it was big. Image from here.
And not to say that this is what my bedroom looks like now, but it does sort of remind me of my new bedroom re-do.  I should probably show that off here sometime, huh?

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