June 10, 2010

Pin It Forward: What Home Means to Me

Hullo, June, and thanks for sweeping into my life like a darned March lion. It's been busy busy busy around my digs lately,  and as such, my mini-blogging break over the long Memorial Day weekend has stretched into 2 weeks.  Until today....

Today is my day to create a post on the "Pin it Forward" project, organized by creative uber-blogstress Victoria over on SFGirlbyBay.  Pin it Forward is a blogger's project to showcase and promote interest in Pinterest.
Pinterest, is a site where you can bookmark and store all the great images you find on the web, and sort them into your own personal boards.  I admit that the aforementioned household chaos (and attempts to wean off a BIT from my net-trawling habits) means that I've only in the past week really dug in and started using Pinterest. And you know what? It's fun, a little addictive, and a much-needed service for me, who is alway finding cool gotta-have-it stuff, or inspriational pictures, and then losing or forgetting them.

The theme of "Pin it Forward" is What Home Means to Me, and so I've been trying to find and pin images that reflects home, and our life inside these four walls.  Since I am about to start ("about" being relative, as in "sometime in the next few weeks") finally, finally embarking on my master bedroom re-do, I'm drawn to images of glamorous gray bedrooms. Because home to me is a place where I can curl up with a good book, preferably in pretty room with an upholsterd headboard.

But I've also got many other images on my "What Home Means..." board. Such as the one below, which is from an artist who designs chalk-board style labels: 
As I say on my Pinboard, "how can I dare to be sad, when I get to hear this every day?"  My little Monkey-Boy, who graduated from preschool today, tells me this as he squeezes me tight around the neck.  Not to mention, we all feel this way about each other, here in our house. Which is a very cozy feeling of home to carry around, always. 
I invite you to head over to my Pinterest board and check out the other images I've selected so far. While there, check out Pinterest in general, see how others are utilizing the site, and ask for your own invite to join, if you'd like.  And then tomorrow, move on along to the next participant in the "Pin it Forward" project, over at the Inspired Designer blog, and Chalk & Talk 
 My retro/vintage leanings + his geeked-out high-tech self = exactly what this home means to me. 


  1. your post is great!
    i love all of your images and your pinboard! xoxo

  2. What a cool concept.

    Will check it out.

    Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for commenting! :)

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