March 23, 2010

Enter Spring!

Happy Spring!  Oh, ye of little faith, I bet you thought I'd never return with a post about my updated entryway.  Last we visited, it was all silvery mercury and glass and chilly winter whites.  Now, it's a little celebration of some of my favorite bright colors: yellow, pink, aqua and green.  (Vases, from left to right: vintage Royal Haegar, Anthropologie, and vintage no-name pretty bird vase.)

Everything is different -- I've even updated my purse. ($12.99 at Ross, baby.)  This all looks a little heavy on the pink here, but an update on the flowers will change that. 
This cute little aqua vase is from Michael's from a few years back. Turns out the darn thing isn't water-tight though -- I had to put a discreet little square of paper towel under it, to catch the water leaking through.  Durn.   But aren't the rununculuses so pretty and ruffly?

Yes, I too have fallen prey to the lure of the Liberty of London line at Target.  I bought this frame and yes, I did notice there's no photo in here yet. Hey, the camera was out!
I also scored this peacock pillow.  From the sound of things out here in Blogland, the pillows are getting snapped up quick, and are already being re-sold for crazy-high prices on Ebay.  Hmm. The thing is, like Target's Orla Kiely line last year -- just because my Target has the stuff in stock, doesn't mean I actually wantneed it for my own home.  I like many of the Liberty of London items, but most of it I just don't have a real use for.  (I tried on a pretty, bright yellow and lime floral tunic that might be perfect for someone else's trip to Palm Springs, but on me?? One word: Muu-muu. Hello, Mrs. Roper!) 
Really glad that I scored this pillow, though.  It's classic, and with the bright yellow-green trim, I can also use it in the family room.  See that karate chop in the middle of the pillow? Oh yes I did. Just for you.

Enjoy the springtime! Me,  I like being able to leave my windows open a bit now, and hear the birdies in the morning.  Hope it's lovely for you, wherever you are.

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  1. I saw the print on your frame on the shirt of a teacher at work the other day. Now I know--Target.

    Oh, how I love that purse of yours. I look forward to meeting you soon.


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