February 27, 2010

Entry Way

 Mirror to the immediate right upon entering.

A little before Christmas, I redid our entry way. Our house is good-sized, but the entry way/foyer is not -- you're in, you blink, you missed it and now you're in the living room. Ta-da!

Still, there's a little recessed area by the stairs that is perfect for a little "landing zone" type of table.  My solution when we moved in nearly 6 years ago was a small bookcase from Ikea, with a set of frosted mirrors (also Ikea) above that.  I put those mirrors up over five years ago now, and was just getting tired of looking at them. Ditto for the bookcase, but I didn't know quite what I wanted.  Well, I would have loved a clear lucite console table, but that wasn't really in the budget. 

Anyway, around the end of the year, I re-painted the whole area a soft gray (Bunny Gray, by Benjamin Moore). It shifts a bit blue, moreso because of the deeper gray/blue in the living room.  Still, I like it.  I also like the replacement for the bookcase,  the floating shelves. They look like the Lack series from Ikea, but the Lacks  didn't come in the right size. So these are an internet find, and were a perfect fit.  The little stools and the above mirror are from Home Goods.  (The mirror was on clearance for $18! Score!)

Before: Entry Way 

After: Entry Way
To be honest, the "After" picture here is giving me goosebumps -- it's might chilly, especially in comparison to all the colors in the "Before" pic. Well, this was my take on winter -- mirrored frames, mercury glass, and black.  (Even my purse matches.)  I'm switching it up this weekend and plan on warming it up a good bit.

Pictures to follow! (Just like the Big Green Wall, which is still empty and bare of any photos.) 


  1. wow! i think the before AND after both look great!

  2. Thanks so much, Bria! A good table-scape is hard -- I'm still working on my "spring" version of these shelves.


Thanks for commenting! :)

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