January 16, 2010

Weekend Recap: Deer Park Winery & Car Museum

It occurs to me that we visit a lot of interesting places.  In the 100-mile radius or so surrounding our town here in inland Southern California, we are quite well-traveled.  We live in one of those boomtowns of new suburbia where hardly anyone is a native (we're practically old timers ourselves, closing in on our sixth year), and there's just not a helluva lot to do and see around here on weekends. Mall: check! Old Town: check! Parks with no trees: check! check! check!

(I realize that simply by signing the kids up for soccer and other sports leagues, we could easily solve this issue, and have most weekends booked up for the next 10 years. Let's  just say that we're not a very sporty tribe -- and I'll cross that bridge only if and when a kid makes a specific request.)   

ANYWAY.....My point here is that most weekends, we spend at least one day on the road to somewhere else. (Please, Lord, just somewhere, anywhere else...)  Sometimes it's to visit my mom in L.A. county. Sometimes it's just to shop at some other mall or "shoppertainment" destination besides our local one.   In any case, we do see us some sights.  I'd like to start sharing them with you, in a weekly photo feature called "Weekend Recap"  (for want of a catchier title.)   Hopefully they won't always take a full week later to show up here.   Sheesh.

Here's where we went last Sunday, January 10:  the Deer Park Winery & Car Museum. It's about 25 minutes south of us, on the northern edge of Escondido. Originally collected by Robert Knapp, it's now run by his son. The museum boasts a wide range of classic convertibles, some pre-1940, and most from the '50s & '60s.


There was also an extensive collection of old electronics and appliances. I really need this beauty in living room. 

Don't you agree? I sort of forget to broadcast it much here on the blog, but I'm quite the aficionado of things vintage, retro and just plain old.

It was quiet  and mostly empty of visitors on this beautiful and warm winter day. Here are The Monkeys and Myk out in the vineyard area between the two main buildings.

"Quiet and mostly empty" will not apply to this weekends outing: the Monster Jam monster truck show at Anaheim Stadium. "VRRROOOM." 

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